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As a self employed business owner, I remember the first time a payroll company contacted me and asked if I would consider using their service. I thought to myself, what for? I'm doing it all in house and I have things under control. Truth is, I feared giving up that control to someone else. Then a brief chat with my CPA led to an epiphany.

My CPA stated that I wasn't giving up any control. I could still write a check to myself if I needed to. All you're doing he said, is "outsourcing your headache." I let that sink in and realized that I was kidding myself by not using a payroll service. I was spending hours adding up time cards, writing checks, passing checks out, & running to the bank to make my tax deposits. The fact is, I mistakenly made a couple of those tax deposits late and got a whopping 10% late payment penalty from the IRS.

No more. I discovered that Preferred Payroll's Employer on Demand portal allows me to remain in control. I have the flexibility to manage my entire employee database and it gives me a convenient, secure, and affordable means to process payroll at my leisure. And I'm done. That's right. They handle the rest. From delivering my pay checks to making my tax deposits on time, I feel great about partnering with Preferred Payroll.

C. M.

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